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Attention to Detail by Linda Carmel

Having a Featured Artist show at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts is an opportunity to present a new body of work. I love to work in series using different themes, and for my new show I have continued with my theme of Women in the World, using idioms as inspirations. This year I have brought more global influences into the mix. …

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Struggles Caught in Images by Ellie Reinhold

We each have emotional work in our lives, "soul work" you could call it. Along with the play involved in any creative work, my soul work finds its way into my painting; struggles caught in images. In considering a theme for the new work in my current show, the idea of home seemed to capture the pieces that were developing…

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Without Premeditation by Eduardo Lapetina

Perhaps because of my scientific background and my lack of formal training as an artist, I have taken many risks and explored new techniques in my work. My textural surfaces are built with paint; many layers of paint built up one over the other. I don’t use modeling paste or other fillers, just paint, straight from the containers, mixed right…

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Snowdonia: The Welsh Heartland by Nerys Levy

Born Nerys Wendon Williams, I was raised in North Wales, and Welsh was my home language and I learned English when I was eight years old. My formative years were spent at a Welsh language school with a high level of cultural education. It had a close community where the Welsh language chapel sought to reinforce the culture. My grandfather, an accomplished…

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Designing Elements of a Gallery by Trudy Thomson

This past fall my talented partner, Ed Ralston, pulled out drafting paper and pencil and we marshaled resources to construct  a new structure on my property designed explicitly for one purpose: to serve as a gallery, to permanently display my various types of arts and crafts. This structure is positioned at a special spot on my property, which is more…

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Sharing a Studio Works Just Fine by Susan Filley

My studio is located on Dairyland Road, and for the past year I have shared my space with Erick Serritella, who is a nationally recognized sculptor and ceramic artist. It has been a new experience for both of us and we have learned a lot about our work and built a nice friendship. Sharing the studio has worked out just…

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