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The Orange County Artists Guild is a non-profit organization seeking to increase the visibility and recognition of area artists and crafts people.

The Orange County Artists Guild is a group of over 100 artists based in Orange County, North Carolina. Established in 2000, the guild supports member artists with community and educational opportunities. The guild’s most visible public event is to organize and promote the annual Open Studio Tour.

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From Here to There painting series by David Stickel

From Here to There – and All Points Between by David Stickel

From Jackson Hole to Charleston and all points in-between, it’s the same thing. Oils, acrylics and 3-D sculptures are in every gallery across the land, but very few have watercolors on their walls. Why is that? For many years, watercolorists have sought a level playing field compared to other mediums. Galleries are quick to point out their perceived ‘lack’ of longevity and permanence’ as well as the ‘annoying distraction of reflections’. Special UV non-glare glazing is available, but expensive. Well... I am thrilled to announce that during September, I am part of a group of watercolorists who are participating in…

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Colorful quilt with ferns on it by Susan Brubaker Knapp

Wholecloth Painted Art Quilts by Susan Brubaker Knapp

This past summer I’ve focused on making wholecloth painted art quilts. These are not quilts for beds, but textile art to display on the wall. Each piece starts with plain white fabric, which I paint with acrylic textile paint. I then layer the piece with batting and a backing fabric before free-motion machine quilting it. I love both the process of painting and the meditative machine stitching, which adds pattern and texture. Right now, I’m quilting Fern Dance which is based on the native Christmas Ferns that grow around our house. To start this piece, I smeared a base layer…

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Painting by Nadine Zenobi showing dolphins and women

Bringing the Energy of Joy through Jewelry and Paints by Nadine Zenobi

Covid has been a very challenging yet interesting time for me. Since I typically work alone in my studio each day, the isolation has not been as difficult and it has given me the time and permission to paint again! I love to paint, and it comes easy to me after working with the metals and stones of my jewelry. As my body ages, I begin to look to less demanding forms of creating and painting works well for me. The art shows stopped during Covid, which are my primary source of income, so I had to cut down on…

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This program is supported by the Orange County Arts Commission.

This program is supported by the N.C. Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources.

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