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From Here to There painting series by David Stickel

From Here to There – and All Points Between by David Stickel

From Jackson Hole to Charleston and all points in-between, it’s the same thing. Oils, acrylics and 3-D sculptures are in every gallery across the land, but very few have watercolors on their walls. Why is that? For many years, watercolorists have sought a level playing field compared to other mediums. Galleries are quick to point out their perceived ‘lack’ of…

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Colorful quilt with ferns on it by Susan Brubaker Knapp

Wholecloth Painted Art Quilts by Susan Brubaker Knapp

This past summer I’ve focused on making wholecloth painted art quilts. These are not quilts for beds, but textile art to display on the wall. Each piece starts with plain white fabric, which I paint with acrylic textile paint. I then layer the piece with batting and a backing fabric before free-motion machine quilting it. I love both the process…

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Box made of wood and epoxy resin

Turning Blanks that Combine Wood and Epoxy Resin by Michael Salemi

Woodturners are always on the lookout for beautiful pieces of wood: those with interesting colors, grain patterns and voids. In recent years, I have augmented my wood collecting to include species and other samples that provide an opportunity to combine the wood with epoxy resin. Manzanita, a western woody shrub, is an excellent example of a wood that combines well…

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Painting of a cat birthday party

My Creative Journey as a Painter by Joan Vandermeer

The first art book I ever bought was Betty Edward’s Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. The book’s premise was that any beginner could learn to draw, and I was a beginner. Although I had zero formal training as an artist, I had a very big urge to create something. I had studied creative writing and had a…

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A montage of the 2021 Paint-a-Thon at Emily Eve Weinstein’s Chapel Hill carport
A montage of the 2021 Paint-a-Thon at Emily Eve Weinstein’s Chapel Hill carport
A montage of the 2021 Paint-a-Thon at Emily Eve Weinstein’s Chapel Hill carport.
Kaidy Lewis with completed coffee table
Kaidy Lewis with completed coffee table: Ode to de Kooning, 54” x 24” x 15”
Betsy Vaden with her completed ladderback chair
Betsy Vaden with her completed ladderback chair: Garden of Eden, 54” x 24” x15”
A montage of the 2021 Paint-a-Thon at Emily Eve Weinstein’s Chapel Hill carportKaidy Lewis with completed coffee tableBetsy Vaden with her completed ladderback chair

OCAG Artists Participate in a Paint-A-Thon by Emily Eve Weinstein

It was a normal paint-a-thon on a sunny day at my house in Chapel Hill. A couple talented friends, loyal neighbors, and artists from the Orange County Artists Guild (OCAG) came together to paint a variety of pieces to display during the upcoming Independent Animal Rescue (IAR) online auction. We worked under my carport to enliven chairs and other donated…

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Crawford Horne firing the kiln
Crawford Horne firing the kiln
Crawford Horne kiln
Crawford Horne firing the kiln
Crawford Horne firing the kilnCrawford Horne kilnCrawford Horne firing the kiln

Crawford Horne Fires Up The Kiln

I was lucky enough to complete the fifth firing of my wood kiln here in Hillsborough before the COVID-19 restrictions were put in place. It included work from five different potters. I’m starting to get the hang of this, my third wood kiln. It’s much easier to fire than my first two as it’s significantly smaller and I’ve now been…

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Art In Quarantine Featured - Blue decorated eggs by Susan Brubaker Knapp

Art In Quarantine

During this time of quarantine, we are most lucky as artists to be able to continue the work of making. It may be that if we are forced to stay with our work, and are less distracted by things beckoning us from the outside world, we might find that we can go deeper than we expected.This may take a variety…

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Painting of flowers by Bernice Koff

An Intuitive Approach to Watermedia Painting by Bernice Koff

Since I began teaching abstract painting and collage a few years ago (through a joint appointment with the Durham Arts Council and OLLI program at Duke) I have looked for ways to both stretch myself and give my students some new ways of starting their paintings. Last year, dealing with the trauma of a flooded and destroyed art studio, I…

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Intuitive Flow by Steevie Jane Parks

One of the ways that I like to paint is to simply allow my hand to create colorful shapes in a seemingly random pattern, until a coherent painting forms and begins to look ‘finished’. This can be done using any 2D or 3D medium. I often listen to music that matches whatever mood I’m in when I start to paint.…

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