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Life Decisions by Louise Francke

Life Decisions. Funny how they are made. In January of 2012 I decided to set out in a new direction and see if I couldn't find the abstract world within myself. It remained evasive and a total mystery! I am not the type who gives up easily but my spirit quickly became disillusioned with all of my attempts. A few…

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Slow Art in Stockholm by Anita Wolfenden

Selected Pieces from Slow Art at  The National Museum in Stockholm   I saw a great exhibit in Sweden recently called Slow Art.  It was shown at the National Museum in Stockholm and contained not very many pieces, only about 30. But each one was exquisite. The emphasis was on how long it takes, how painstaking the process of creation is if…

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What’s In It for You by Linda Carmel

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  People differ in their tastes for art forms and color palettes.  People also differ in their interpretation of a work of art’s meaning, with art critics endlessly debating over an artist’s intent.  I believe it is important for the viewer to form his or her own experience of a work of art…

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Ever Changing Layers by Shelly Hehenberger

Hiking this morning on the NC Botanical Gardens trail, I was reminded again how much inspiration I gather from spending time among the growing things of a forest. The more I let all my senses adjust to the slower speed of the trees and streams, the more I become aware of the incomprehensible variety that surrounds me. I try to…

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Reframe As A Square by Peg Bachenheimer

I have been trying to paint more abstractly and seem to always end up with a horizon line and a landscape based paining. So I had an idea based on something someone said in a class one time. We took a mat frame and found parts of paintings that could be stand alone paintings. So I decided to try this…

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