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The Start of Something Fresh for Spring

If you are looking for art that is fresh and special this spring, an event will be held soon that includes the work of three fresh OCAG artists: Cathy Kiffney, Luna Lee Ray, and Rebecca Neigher. Cathy Kiffney explains: "Four years ago I approached Luna Lee Ray with the idea of a small spring show. Although I did not know her…

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Healing and the Gift of Creativity by Nadine Zenobi

As a jeweler, I have observed that the gift of creativity is intricately connected to the gift of healing. As an artist and a healer, I aim to synthesize the expression of both in my work and in my life. Through years of study and interest in the healing arts, I have come to appreciate and honor the ability of stones to…

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The Impulse for Jewelry by Rebecca Neigher

As a jeweler, my work begins in varied ways. The first impulse could be a shape, a texture, a stone, a thought, a spiritual leading. During the process I remain open to new ideas and directions. In 1996 I moved to North Carolina. I live and work in the woods overlooking forest and meadow. My energy is directed inward first and…

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