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Art In Quarantine Featured - Blue decorated eggs by Susan Brubaker Knapp

Art In Quarantine

During this time of quarantine, we are most lucky as artists to be able to continue the work of making. It may be that if we are forced to stay with our work, and are less distracted by things beckoning us from the outside world, we might find that we can go deeper than we expected.This may take a variety…

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A Journal Sketchbook by Linda Passman

A Spanish dance troupe from Chicago on the outdoor stage at Jacob’s Pillow This summer, I returned to the Berkshire Mountains in western Massachusetts to hear live music at Tanglewood and attend dance programs at Jacobs Pillow. As usual, I brought my journal-sketchbook with me like I do whenever I go on a trip or attend a concert, theatre or dance program. The…

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A Meandering Blog About River Art by Ruthananda

Thirty six members of the Orange County Artists Guild were assigned quotes to illustrate for a sequel to the book TREE: a Community of Artists Explores the Meaning of Nature. This meandering blog is about Ruthananda’s experience creating her illustration for RIVER. Planning ahead is a really important part of any project and many details are considered along the way.…

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How about Bookish Art by Clay Carmichael

I sent my newest young adult novel Brother, Brother out into the world today, or rather my publisher did. I delivered the manuscript nearly a year ago and uncorrected review copies have been circulating for months, but like the robin fledging that left its nest outside my studio over a week ago, my book’s truly soloing today, completely on its…

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TREE: A Community of Artists Explores the Meaning of Nature

TREE, written by Shelly Hehenberger and illustrated by artists local to the Chapel Hill area, is an all-ages picture book. The rich contrasts of style, medium, and content reflect the diversity of artists. Several of the artists are members of OCAG including Luna Lee Ray, Peg Bachenheimer, Jean LeCluyse, Chris Graebner, and Marcy Lansman. Two are new members: Shelly Hehenberger…

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