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Short Stories About Hand-Made Chairs by Elia Bizzarri

Chair Made by Elia Bizzarri If you haven't had a chance to stop by Elia Bizzarri's shop in Hillsborough and meet him, this story might give you a feeling for one of things he enjoys about making and delivering his Windsor chairs. Here is what he has to say about his craft: With the delivery of each chair order, the customer gets…

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The Draw Knife by Elia Bizzarri

If there is one iconic tool of the chairmaker, it is the drawknife. In my youth, both Drew Langsner and John Alexander taught me its use. I had the drawknife licked, or so I thought. Several years later, 17-year-old Curtis Buchanan agreed for me spend a week in his Jonesborough, TN Windsor Chair Shop. Curtis effortlessly and without measurement whittled a complicated…

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From Measuring Starlight to the Flair of Furniture Making by Jim Oleson

Those that wonder about the background of a custom furniture maker might be surprised to learn that furniture making is actually my third career. My first career was in physics; after receiving a Ph.D. in Physics at The Johns Hopkins University I did astrophysics research involving design and instrumentation of a specialized telescope on a mountaintop in Arizona. My second…

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