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Simple to Scintillating by Trudy Thomson

Marbled patterns on silk can be simple: ripples, swirls and shapes, or scintillating: cross currents of different patterns and colors sweeping across the landscape of fabric. I remain fascinated by the many different forms I can create and continue to be informed by the patterns found in nature, as seen in water, in the sky, and on the earth. My highly decorative art…

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Plop! Swish! Whirl! by Trudy Thomson

This spring I attended a class in marbling silk at Penland School of Crafts. It's something I had tried many years ago and wanted to swim back into again. I say swim because you start by mixing up a very specific gooey bath. You carefully dissolve methyl cellulose into the bath so that a viscous substance floats on the surface. After…

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Slow Art in Stockholm by Anita Wolfenden

Selected Pieces from Slow Art at  The National Museum in Stockholm   I saw a great exhibit in Sweden recently called Slow Art.  It was shown at the National Museum in Stockholm and contained not very many pieces, only about 30. But each one was exquisite. The emphasis was on how long it takes, how painstaking the process of creation is if…

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A Loom is Like a Piano by Trudy Thomson

Have you ever thought about the idea that a loom is a lot like a piano? Both create patterns and percussive sounds. If you play the piano well, you read a musical score -- the notation of notes on the treble or bass cleft -- to produce a sound that presents itself as melody and chords. With a woven presentation,…

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