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Women Speak

This art gallery event is a collaboration between visual artist, Nancy L. Smith and selected women writers. Inspired by Nancy's water media and collage paintings, women writers give voice to unspoken messages of the heart. Their topics cover a wide range including inspirational muses, relationships with themselves and others, migraines and mastectomies, lost loves and loved ones, changing roles, mistreatment…

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Pine Island Hunting Lodge

When in Botanical Doubt, Don’t Ask by Nancy Smith

In May, I attended a weekend retreat sponsored by Pine Island Audubon Sanctuary to sketch and paint native plants of the Outer Banks of NC. I was one of a small group of eighteen participants along with 3 experts: a naturalist, a botanist, and a botanical illustrator. We stayed in an historic hunting lodge built in 1913 that was gracious…

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Trash to Treasures by Nancy L. Smith

As the Crow Flies Last summer, I began painting with an artist group at a friend’s studio. The tables we used were covered with white paper for protection of the surfaces, but by the end of two months the papers collected quite a mess of paint and marks. I didn’t see the beauty in those papers until I participated in…

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When All Else Fails, Use a Map by Nancy L. Smith

I began using maps in my artwork several years ago when I was trying to solve the dilemma of painting a toucan's large beak and keeping it interesting. I decided to collage an antique map of the toucan's homeland underneath the bird, and I was thrilled to find a picture of a small section of a South American map drawn in the 1600’s.…

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A Gift of Soul by Nancy L. Smith

After much heartache, my husband and I decided to sell our 30 foot sailboat, Sea Otter, last fall. Our final vacation on the boat was to Cape Lookout, the southernmost outer bank of North Carolina. This trip was memorable as neither of us almost died and nothing on the boat broke. We didn’t even run aground once.  Despite all this, the…

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