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Louise Nerys and Fred Painting outside under a pavilion

Plein Air Observations by Nerys Levy

On Friday, April 14, four OCAG artists met at Blackwood Farm Park (off Highway 86) for a plein air painting session. The farmhouse, out buildings, and large barn are in a state of arrested decay, but it is surrounded by 152 acres of picturesque rolling farmland punctuated by magnificent trees. This is indeed a landscape artist's paradise. To describe this adventure,…

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Snowdonia: The Welsh Heartland by Nerys Levy

Born Nerys Wendon Williams, I was raised in North Wales, and Welsh was my home language and I learned English when I was eight years old. My formative years were spent at a Welsh language school with a high level of cultural education. It had a close community where the Welsh language chapel sought to reinforce the culture. My grandfather, an accomplished…

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A Journey in Russia By Nerys Levy

When one is confronted with a prize to take a trip “anywhere”, it's a little daunting. As the recipient of a WUNC radio prize -- I had the unusual option to decide where I might want to travel. My decision was to take a river trip named Waterway of the Czars and travel down a major waterway from Moscow to St.…

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