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Clay, Glazes, and Heat by Judith Ernst

Have I learned yet to love uncertainty? Creating work in ceramic is not like painting. When you put a combination of glaze chemicals on clay and subject them to high heat, what you get is almost always surprising, even though you may have run many glaze tests and fired pieces under identical conditions. You do your best to control your outcomes,…

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My New Ceramic Studio by Judith Ernst

Judith's New Studio I can now do it all in my own studio! With a kiln that doubles as an H.G. Wells-style time machine, a large spray booth for glazing, and an air compressor that inspires envy among all the guys in the neighborhood, I’m ready to create bigger-better-more in the ceramic realm. Dubbed “The Judio” by my neighbor, Susie…

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Two of Our Finest Talk at Frank Feb. 17

Judith Ernst and Alan Dehmer will be speaking about their work at the Frank gallery, in downtown Chapel hill on Thursday, Feb. 17 at 6:00 pm. Here's an excerpt from Judith's bio on the OCAG website: "My ceramic work features forms and patterns from the natural world and provides a three-dimensional canvas... The vessel form allows for the possibility of working…

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