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Judith Ernst and Alan Dehmer will be speaking about their work at the Frank gallery, in downtown Chapel hill on Thursday, Feb. 17 at 6:00 pm.

Here’s an excerpt from Judith’s bio on the OCAG website:

“My ceramic work features forms and patterns from the natural world and provides a three-dimensional canvas… The vessel form allows for the possibility of working not just with the outside, but with what is implied by the inside. Dichotomies between the inner and outer, between that which is hidden and that which is seen, between the esoteric and the exoteric, create a metaphysical resonance, suggesting infinity in the continuity between the inside and outside.

Here’s an excerpt from Alan’s bio on the OCAG website:

“I am fascinated with the early history of photo methods from 1839-1889, before the silver gelatin method became standard by 1890. My favorite of these alternate methods is gum bichromate, made by mixing a sensitive dichromate with acacia tree sap. I combine this mixture with plant and mineral pigments such as indigo, green Italian earth, walnut hulls, and sandalwood–brushed onto watercolor paper and exposed outdoors in the sun. Multiple coats are applied using different pigments and can be printed on handmade papers, watercolor paper, or cloth. When completed several days or weeks later, the image is both a photograph and a painting.

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