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Judith’s New Studio

I can now do it all in my own studio! With a kiln that doubles as an H.G. Wells-style time machine, a large spray booth for glazing, and an air compressor that inspires envy among all the guys in the neighborhood, I’m ready to create bigger-better-more in the ceramic realm. Dubbed “The Judio” by my neighbor, Susie Schopler, the bird feeder is right out the window, the iPod is set up for music, and the heating and cooling system is great. It has four skylights and lots of windows for maximum natural light, as well as banks of daylight fluorescents (5000 kelvins) that create strong ambient, shadowless light, especially good in a workspace.

Hunkering down to more regular studio work after about two and a half years of gallery volunteering and administrative conundrums, I hope to crank up my production considerably and will also try for maximum creativity. Here’s an example of one of the first major pieces out of the new studio. It’s composed of two separate ceramic pieces mounted on a small granite base. The title is Flying to the Inside, and it’s the first in what will be a series of 3 or 4 variations on the same theme. Dimensions are 27” X 13” and it’s glazed stoneware.

See more of Judith’s work, see her ceramic website. Also, see information about Judith’s book illustrations see the Song of Songs website.

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