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If you are looking for art that is fresh and special this spring, an event will be held soon that includes the work of three fresh OCAG artists: Cathy Kiffney, Luna Lee Ray, and Rebecca Neigher.

Cathy Kiffney, Birds in the Kiln
Cathy Kiffney, Birds in the Kiln

Cathy Kiffney explains: “Four years ago I approached Luna Lee Ray with the idea of a small spring show. Although I did not know her well, I had seen her wonderful art and wanted to show with her. Luna’s studio and gardens near downtown Carrboro are the perfect setting for a spring show. This year will be the 4th year for what has become an annual event, and I always look forward to this time when I can connect with other artists and meet new people. Emerging from winter into the new life of spring is rejuvenating and I’m inspired to try new things as I create fresh work for this special event. I will have a new series of animal and bird cameo portraits! I’m giving them personalities to illustrate their uniqueness. Although many people know my wall birds, this spring I have a new series of bird sculptures as seen in the photo – they are off the wall in every sense!”

Luna Lee Ray - Nesting Instinct
Luna Lee Ray – Nesting Instinct

Luna remarks, “I love hosting this Mother’s Day weekend sale at my studio and garden.  For one thing, it is a completely different garden that visitors get to see compared to the early November Studio Tour garden.  The irises should be in full bloom, and the horsetail will be a fresh and luminous green. Everything is still relatively neat and tidy, compared to fall when everything is full, lush, and flopped over.  Last year, we added a free plant exchange to the festivities, which was a huge hit, so we are doing it again! Bring any extra plant divisions that you have on hand, and pick out something to take home with you. I will have several pots of my favorite salvia up for grabs. Called Argentine Skies, it is the prettiest shade of periwinkle, and is even more drought tolerant than most salvias due to it’s water-storing, potato-like corms. I will be showing some of my new bird series, as well as small, landscape-based abstracts. I’ll have new botanical pieces as well.”

Rebecca Neigher - Necklace
Rebecca Neigher – Necklace

Rebecca notes: “I haven’t been to Monet’s Garden but am delighted to be showing in Luna’s.  It’s laid out beautifully and her plants are wonderful.  Each spring, at the center, are art pieces going someplace new and interesting.  Because I spend so much time alone in my studio, and most often do shows on my own, it’s lovely to be a part of  this intimate group show. Come on out for this event where I will be showing one-of-a-kind, limited edition wearable art made from a variety of metals including gold, silver, steel, and bronze.  I also use beautiful pearls, gemstones, unique glass pieces. and wood. Is there any place better to be than in a garden in bloom?”

See this link for information about this spring event!

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