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As a jeweler, I have observed that the gift of creativity is intricately connected to the gift of healing. As an artist and a healer, I aim to synthesize the expression of both in my work and in my life. Through years of study and interest in the healing arts, I have come to appreciate and honor the ability of stones to heal the body, mind and spirit. From the combination of specific stones and the overlay and appliqué of precious metals, emerges a unique creation. The stones speak to me of placement within geometric and/or organic forms, and the combining of the precious metals, silver, white, pink and yellow gold enhance the beauty and energetics of each piece. The fabrication process enriches the uniqueness of the work, giving it a ‘hands on flavor’ from the concept to the final polish.

The forms that I use come directly from observation of the world around me, especially when I begin to create a custom piece. All the information from a client is directly transmitted to my intuition as I begin to follow this inner knowledge in the creation of that piece. Specific metal might be of benefit to the client. Next the stone or stones, which can encourage a healing process. Often a shape or animal might come into the picture. Whatever it is that the intuition directs me to do, the creative process begins. I am always honored when a client allows me to create an intimate piece for them. My pieces are completely one of a kind and hand fabricated, making a mini sculpture for one to wear!

See examples of Nadine’s work at her website. And the work of other OCAG artists at the OCAG website.

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