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Painting by Nadine Zenobi showing dolphins and women

Covid has been a very challenging yet interesting time for me.

Since I typically work alone in my studio each day, the isolation has not been as difficult and it has given me the time and permission to paint again! I love to paint, and it comes easy to me after working with the metals and stones of my jewelry. As my body ages, I begin to look to less demanding forms of creating and painting works well for me.

The art shows stopped during Covid, which are my primary source of income, so I had to cut down on purchasing silver and gold and gemstones. I created fewer pieces, but was able to really take my time creating them without the pressure of shows. I used materials on hand instead of going out further with purchases and I found that rewarding.

In order to be fluid with income, I have been doing a raffle every month for one piece of jewelry since covid began. That could be found on my website. Always a new piece each month. It has been fun… especially for the winners.

Like my jewelry work, my paintings are influenced by nature and especially the element of water. My newest painting from this year is called Flow Dreaming, in which I painted the world I envision within: the world of wonder, color and joy. That vision is a welcome relief in this time of fear and pain. If I can bring the energy of joy to people through my work, that will be an integral part of how I hope to heal others along this difficult journey we’re all passing through together.

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