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A Loom is Like a Piano by Trudy Thomson

Have you ever thought about the idea that a loom is a lot like a piano? Both create patterns and percussive sounds. If you play the piano well, you read a musical score -- the notation of notes on the treble or bass cleft -- to produce a sound that presents itself as melody and chords. With a woven presentation,…

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Work of Louise Francke to be Published

The work of Louise Francke is to be published in the Best of Worldwide Wildlife Artists (Kennedy Publishing in VA.) Here's what she has to say about one particular painting in this series: It is rare that I choose to keep one particular oil painting. This is my favorite! Carlos as Rembrandt's Oriental was the first painting in this series of 30+ works.…

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Two of Our Finest Talk at Frank Feb. 17

Judith Ernst and Alan Dehmer will be speaking about their work at the Frank gallery, in downtown Chapel hill on Thursday, Feb. 17 at 6:00 pm. Here's an excerpt from Judith's bio on the OCAG website: "My ceramic work features forms and patterns from the natural world and provides a three-dimensional canvas... The vessel form allows for the possibility of working…

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Enamels and Enameling by Miriam Sagasti

“Enameling is a dying art”. I refused to believe it! I just came back from Austria, where I expected to see and maybe buy some pieces of the most beautiful enamel work, as I remember they had many years ago. I was greatly disappointed when I could not find one piece of traditional or modern enamel anywhere in Vienna or…

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My Art by Louise Zjawin Francke

Drawing is a form of meditation for me. It helps me concentrate on the details and thus see the whole in a totally different perspective than just through the mind’s memory which lacks the same attentiveness to detail. My life’s works are a sequence of narratives. They quite often relate to my personal experiences... I have drawn and painted pictures…

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