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Photo of painting by Louise Francke

Slow Painting on Silk by Louise Francke

Four years ago, I was gifted large boxes of French Tinfix dyes. I knew that before I used these rare, no longer produced dyes I must ask innumerable questions on Facebook International’s Silk Painters site. A Master Silk Painter started to answer my questions about many different topics: bases, printing on silk, different techniques, and how to sew rolled edges..…

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Triangle Visual Artists at the Hillsborough Chamber

Trudy Thomson, David Taylor and Louise Francke are participating in a group show during the Hillsborough Last Friday Artwork. WHEN: Oct 26th, 6-9 Stop by for refreshments and enjoyable rock music from Keva Monroe (here is a link to his music) WHERE: At the NEW LOCATION for the Chamber at 200 N. Churton St. This is not far from where…

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A Calendar of Whimsical Albums offered by Louise Francke

The 2013 Calendar full of Whimsical Animals debuts this month. I have been creating calendars for 5 years. Each month is a  sturdy trading card which displays the versatility of my style and themes where humor prevails. Past years contained portraits of both wild and domesticated animals, birds of North Carolina, and Carolina scenes. 2013's original oil paintings of animals are…

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Life Decisions by Louise Francke

Life Decisions. Funny how they are made. In January of 2012 I decided to set out in a new direction and see if I couldn't find the abstract world within myself. It remained evasive and a total mystery! I am not the type who gives up easily but my spirit quickly became disillusioned with all of my attempts. A few…

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Work of Louise Francke to be Published

The work of Louise Francke is to be published in the Best of Worldwide Wildlife Artists (Kennedy Publishing in VA.) Here's what she has to say about one particular painting in this series: It is rare that I choose to keep one particular oil painting. This is my favorite! Carlos as Rembrandt's Oriental was the first painting in this series of 30+ works.…

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My Art by Louise Zjawin Francke

Drawing is a form of meditation for me. It helps me concentrate on the details and thus see the whole in a totally different perspective than just through the mind’s memory which lacks the same attentiveness to detail. My life’s works are a sequence of narratives. They quite often relate to my personal experiences... I have drawn and painted pictures…

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Creating a Painting in Layers by Louise Francke

The biggest challenge in painting is creating a composition which not only draws the viewers in but speaks to them. It is even more of a challenge when the painting has been commissioned. Before Adobe Photoshop, I layered my cryptic and undecipherable sketches. There was a lot of erasing on many mylar sheets. Some compositions came together rapidly but others…

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