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Renaissance Frescoes – A Slice of Life by Anita Wolfenden

During the Renaissance, artistic ideals changed from a serious and formal way of depicting subjects, generally religious,  to a much more realistic style incorporating scenes from common life. "Man is the measure of all things" was the motto of the time, and painters began to include details from daily life in their frescoes. With the invention of the perspective, paintings acquired a firm place…

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Can You Trust Your Eyes by Anita Wolfenden

You look out and see the trees through the studio window. Green leaves, the sunlight making them yellowish with darker green shadows. Warm, tan tree trunks; deep, green foliage further away; a cascade of green in different shades. You assume that everyone looking out on these leaves sees them the same way that you do. So many people get cataracts…

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Slow Art in Stockholm by Anita Wolfenden

Selected Pieces from Slow Art at  The National Museum in Stockholm   I saw a great exhibit in Sweden recently called Slow Art.  It was shown at the National Museum in Stockholm and contained not very many pieces, only about 30. But each one was exquisite. The emphasis was on how long it takes, how painstaking the process of creation is if…

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