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Attention to Detail by Linda Carmel

Having a Featured Artist show at the Hillsborough Gallery of Arts is an opportunity to present a new body of work. I love to work in series using different themes, and for my new show I have continued with my theme of Women in the World, using idioms as inspirations. This year I have brought more global influences into the mix. …

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The Theme of Community by Linda Carmel

I have always been interested in exploring the theme of community. In this series titled Women in the World, I examine the supportive essence of womanhood.  In the past I've lived and worked in communes where I've felt the strength that comes when everyone works together for the common good. Since the beginning of time, women have come together to…

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What’s In It for You by Linda Carmel

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”  People differ in their tastes for art forms and color palettes.  People also differ in their interpretation of a work of art’s meaning, with art critics endlessly debating over an artist’s intent.  I believe it is important for the viewer to form his or her own experience of a work of art…

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Three OCAG Artists Interviewed on WCOM in Carrboro

Artists Mark Todd, Betsy Vaden and Linda Carmel of the Orange County Artists Guild joined Jackie Helvey and Valarie Schwartz on the West End Report on WCOM 103.5 FM, this Friday, Sept 9th, 2011. The program introduces you to the upcoming Orange County Open Studio Tour which is held on November 5-6 and November 12-13. The interviews with three OCAG…

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