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Art In Quarantine Featured - Blue decorated eggs by Susan Brubaker Knapp

Art In Quarantine

During this time of quarantine, we are most lucky as artists to be able to continue the work of making. It may be that if we are forced to stay with our work, and are less distracted by things beckoning us from the outside world, we might find that we can go deeper than we expected.This may take a variety…

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Collaborative Work: Digital Photography and Collage

An upcoming exhibit titled Beijing Impressions: A Multi-Media Collaboration combines multi-layered photographic imagery from Barbara Tyroler’s Beijing Impressions series with a brand new set of collaborative, hand made, paper collages by Sandy Milroy. Sandy reflects, " Our introduction to working together came when Barbara asked to come to my studio to see what I was doing in the area of collage making.…

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Portrait Making Photography ~ Truth or Illusion ~ by Barbara Tyroler

After many years as a traditional photographer, I now work digitally, finding that the instant feedback afforded by the medium enhances interaction and collaboration with my subjects. Digital has also expanded my ability to inject color with emotion and to collage elements together to create new imagery that pushes my photographs further toward visual ambiguity. When I feel I have…

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