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Everyone please be careful of scammers.....They are getting better and more skillful using the psychology of our desire for a sale as bait..........

If you are using social media you are getting a lot of come ons for "NFT's" and even when you research them out the language is gibberish as far as any understanding goes.

But I am even having people trying to use Paypal as their scam telling you that they have tried to send you a payment but Paypal is holding up the money till you upgrade your just please adopt a procedural and follow it as to the rules of engagement when making sales.

One of the big giveaways is that they target an image of a certain artwork but really do not seem interested in details about the artwork..........that is they want to know about shipping and price and paying for it and agree and love what you are saying but do not discuss why "they" like the image or artwork other than flowery praise of you as an artist.........

In my experience people who buy artwork are often self absorbed to the point of telling you why they want your artwork as part of "their" life.......... 

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