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Kelly Bodie 10 months

Members, I'm Kelly - chair of the map committee. I apologize I wasn't on the member meeting call earlier this month. As some of you know, I have a 9 week old baby at home (he's doing great). 

I wanted to share the analytics from the QR code we placed on the 2022 map. The question was - will people scan the QR code and use the Google Map? What can we learn about who they are and how they use it? 

374 people scanned the map 446 times. The first weekend received more scans than the second weekend. People scanned heavily on Saturday morning. That makes me think people scanned to begin their own tour and kept using the online map (no need to scan again once its on your phone).Yes, people used it. 

iPhones were used more than androids (I'm usually alone in my android camp!). 

Interestingly, the top city is Charlotte. According to the QR platform help desk, this may indicate travel because the IP address is registered to Charlotte. However, IP location scanning is not 100% accurate. We can infer some travel took place. 

In general, the building of the Google map was easier than creating the design of the custom fold-out map, and it offered a more accurate location of the studio. The QR code data gives us a brand new way to understand our visitors. 


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