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Tour Status:
Both indoor and outdoor set-up, ADA Accessible

Clay Centre Covid Precautions:

The six artists showing at The Clay Centre are all fully vaccinated and we will also be wearing masks as an extra precaution. We ask that our visitors also be masked while inside our studios. Some of our artwork will be displayed in our outdoor courtyard, and we will open windows and doors to our respective studios to create airflow. For our indoor spaces, we will attempt to control the flow of visitors so that people can comfortably distance themselves.

I love playing with clay. Introduced to ceramics in 2005 once I retired from a 30 year science career, I still feel quite new to this medium, as I do to all of the arts. The tactile nature of working with clay, forming a useful object from a lump of mud, enthralled me at first touch, and continues to intrigue and charm me. Honestly, six decades along and I've only just discovered that the right side of my brain functions! I think that my background helps me enjoy and appreciate the chemistry of ceramics, and I'm particularly intrigued with glazes. I prefer to spray on my glazes since I feel in greater control of the process; in addition, spraying allows me to layer glazes in an intentional way to develop a rich, varied surface.

My main motivation for each piece I make is that it be used. But the consequence of utility in a piece is that any design element must work into function — does the handle fit the piece as well as the hand? Is the vessel's size appropriate for the intended function? How does the piece feel to hold? How will it look on the table? I derive great joy in making an object that might find its way from my hands into someone's home, a piece that could bring some small delight, a piece that might assist in making a home. Continuing a millennia-old tradition is, at once, inspiring and comforting in our relentlessly paced world. Pause and relax...

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Red Clay Coop
The Clay Centre, 402 Lloyd Street

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