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Many of my pieces are inspired by the materials themselves. I work in sterling silver and 14k gold with genuine gemstones. I handpick each gemstone and draw inspiration from the unique patterns and colors to create a dialogue between the metalwork and the stone. Unusual stones, like dendritic agate and meteorite, are particularly interesting to me for their unpredictable coloring and form. Other designs are driven by the way that different metals, textures, and finishes can be combined to create a sense of cohesion and sculptural movement within the piece so that each element becomes an intentional part of the whole. Having studied drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, metals, textiles, I am fascinated by the way aspects of those separate disciplines can be combined to play with texture and movement within a piece. Elements from those studies continue to be a source of inspiration and echo through my work today.I often incorporate motifs, textures, and patterns found in nature into my work. I believe that small moments in nature are beautiful and worth capturing because they are fleeting: birds flitting through tree branches, pebbles shifting in a riverbed, or leaves falling to the forest floor. One of my favorite aspects about working with metals is the ability to use layers of different textures and techniques to create a snapshot of these ephemeral moments.It is my hope that my work and inspirations speak to the viewer and provide a sense of confidence and empowerment when worn.

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