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    Artist Medium:Sculpture
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    Studio Name:Spritz Steel Street Address:313 Birch Circle City:Chapel Hill State:NC Zip Code:27517 Phone:919-732-9176 Website:
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    A series of sculptural forms in Oxidized Steel explore the duality of a simple curve; Concave- Convex, Internal- External, Vessel and Shell.

    Original experiments with oxidizing surplus steel panels from a discontinued furniture line, led to a richly textured surface treatment that can be built up in overlaying patterns. This surface treatment is used decoratively on flat panels in a joint venture under the name Spritz Steel. The sculptures represent a new look at theames first expressed in a series of Stone sculpture that were low releif and wall hung. Sheet Steel is shaped and curved, then stitched together in iconic forms, referencing the figure.

    Spritz Steel
    Working with partner Diane McDermed, experiments with rusting Steel panels have led to the development of a technique that uses a resist of vegetation or twine to create patterns and images with Oxidation on Steel panels. In the basic technique, plant material is adhered to raw steel and acid is then spritzed onto the panel. A random field of Oxidation with a simple silhouette of the leaf can be the result, but w/ certain vegetation, the veining inside the silhouetted leaf is also defined. Using foliage as design elements, gesture, movement and focus are main concerns.
    Jute stretched on a frame is used to create a regimented, controlled pattern in the subtle tones and colors possible with oxidation. Larger panels are used as magnet boards to allow smaller panels to be displayed and combined with other objects or photos, in an interactive, ever changing, personalized display board.
    The oxidation process is unpredictable adding an element of discovery and experimentation with every attempt. Control of the process does not translate to control of the results so each success is an unrepeatable surprise.

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