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    Artist Medium:Jewelry
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    Studio Name:Roberta Marasca Jewelry Street Address:5521 Dodsons Crossroads City:Hillsborough State:NC Zip Code:27278 Phone:919-932-0299 Website:
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    In this world of so many disposable goods, it is important to me to create things of beauty that will be kept, observed, and valued.  I believe that jewelry which originates from a loving and peaceful place imparts those intentions to the wearer. Cultivating a thoughtful mind and workspace moves even the act of forging a simple hoop earring beyond the trivial.
    I consider myself both designer and craftsman, taking joy in both the puzzle of discovering new forms, and the daily practice of working with the materials. The techniques I use are those of the traditional bench jeweler, including sawing, forging, stamping, soldering, and fusing. I have been influenced by the design traditions of the of the early 20th century European and American crafts movement, Art Nouveau, Scandinavian design, and the arts and crafts of indigenous and ancient peoples. It is my privilege to have spent the last 15 years drawing on the knowledge of those who have gone before me and expanding on it my own way. I can imagine no other life for myself, and I would hope in my small way to inspire others to cultivate their talents as well.

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