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    Artist Medium:Painting
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    Studio Name:Moon Shadow Fine Art Street Address:201 Morningside Drive City:Carrboro State:NC Zip Code:27510 Phone:919-918-3677 Website:
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    I was introduced to painting through a series courses in botanical illustration. For several years I painted flowers, animals, and portraits quite realistically in watercolor. More recently I have switched to acrylics, and my painting has gradually evolved from more realistic to more abstract, from more descriptive of the external world to more expressive of personal insights and emotions.

    I spent much of my work life confined to the world of words, so it was with great exhilaration that I discovered that I love to paint. I like to think that emotion is expressed in my work.

    As for process, I do much of my painting very early in the morning. I have always been an extreme morning person, waking up at what most people would call the middle of the night. Before I began to paint, this was a nuisance. Now early morning is the most satisfying part of the day, a time when I can focus entirely on painting, unhindered by stray thoughts or nagging obligations.

    Phone: 919 918 3677 (home) 919 270 1835 (cell)



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