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    Artist Medium:Clay
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    Studio Name:Karen Fisher Pottery Street Address:411 Brookgreen Drive City:Chapel Hill State:NC Zip Code:27516 Phone:919 418-2217 Website:
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    Karen Fisher is a ceramic artist living in Chapel Hill, NC. Drawn by the elemental nature of clay, she explores form and surface textures with one of the most versatile materials on this earth. She has had her hands in clay since her earliest days. A few years ago she shifted her focus away from her professional work in non-profit sectors, to composing a life as a ceramic artist and teacher. Having her hands in clay is meditative and a practice of being resilient in the face of the unexpected. Teaching ceramic arts gives her the opportunity to share her respect for the creative process and the transformative nature of clay.

    A daughter and granddaughter of artists, she also has an abiding interest in the study of ancient cultures and art history. Her work on several digs in the Middle East informs her awe for the timelessness of functional ware. She has felt the throwing rings left by a craftsperson long ago. Her time at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico nurtured her understanding of the sacredness of working with clay.

    Karen’s work is mostly functional thrown pottery. She is drawn to the contemplative practice of slip-trailing, sgraffito and carving, making her relationship with each piece more personal. For her, a conversation with clay is a dynamic relationship that deepens with time, care and intention.

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