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    Artist Medium:Photography
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    Studio Name:Peter Filene Street Address:605 N. Greensboro St., Apt. 4 City:Carrboro State:NC Zip Code:27510 Phone:919.942.6525 Website:
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    Having grown up in New York City, I've always had an urban sensibility. No surprise, then, most of my photographs come from New York and Paris. I'm working on three series. (1) Most recently: photo collages. I tear up my old photographs, assemble them into new images, and photograph the  results. (2) Double exposures on film in the camera (not in Photoshop or in the darkroom). After taking one picture, I cock the shutter again without advancing the film. Then I search for an image that will harmonize with it. It's a risky process, playing intention against chance.  (3) Posters peeling off walls. Partly buried faces, words, and patches of color break through the surface, suggesting the rough-and-tumble beauty of city life.

    I'm represented by FRANK Gallery in Chapel Hill. My photos have won awards in exhibits throughout North Carolina.

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