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    Artist Medium:Painting
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    Studio Name:Studio 200 Street Address:200 Spring Valley Road City:Carrboro State:NC Zip Code:27510 Phone:919-260-6724 Website:
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    For me, making art is a way to access an inner place of quiet and timelessness and connect with a deeper part of myself. I view each painting as a journey—some difficult and confusing, others smooth and effortless—but always requiring courage, trust, and a willingness to be open. I often draw parallels between my painting process and real life: the discomfort of the unknown, the frustration of failed expectations, the pleasure of unexpected surprises and the joy of a satisfying outcome.

    I work in both a representational and an abstract style but my preference lately is to paint abstractly. It challenges me to distill the initial subject of inspiration to its essence. Abstract painting also allows me to explore experiences and emotions and to express them through visual metaphors. I often start out each painting by creating a background of layered textures and colors. It is a freeing experience that places me in a creative frame of mind and can involve a combination of paint, paper, stencils and various mark-making tools. From there, the process becomes an intuitive dialog between myself and the artwork. The process can range from a couple of days to several weeks, even months, of creative exploration and experimentation before a satisfying result is reached.

    I hope that in sharing my personal art explorations with others—to visually express what inspires and moves me—viewers may find some universal element within it that resonates with them and from which they may derive their own meaning.

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