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    Artist Medium:Painting
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    Studio Name:Kendal Brown Studio Street Address:7216 Crescent Ridge Drive City:Chapel Hill State:NC Zip Code:27516 Phone:919-929-8299 Website:
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    Growing up on the Texas Gulf Coast, I savored every moment outdoors. When I wasn't in the water or cruising the seawall on my bicycle I was observing all kinds of birds resting on the island during their seasonal migrations. As an excuse to indulge my fascination for flora and fauna, I trained in biology and horticulture.

    Now I commit Nature's images to paper, usually in the form of representational watercolor painting. Close inspection of a creature or plant increases my understanding of its structure, coloration, movement, adaptation to its environment, and social behavior. This deepens my reverence for and appreciation of the plant or being.

    I like using strong color and value combinations to convey the vitality I feel from the natural world. Watercolor is my favorite painting medium, partly because of the technical challenge, but also because there is a scary thrill to the inevitable sequence of surprises unfolding when water and pigment coalesce. Painting in this fluid medium, with its variability and spontaneity, shares a dynamic with the cellular and structural maturation process in living things: exact duplication is far from being certain.

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