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    Artist Medium:Clay
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    Studio Name:Hickory Grove Center for Art and Counseling Street Address:1308 Broadwell Road City:Chapel Hill State:NC Zip Code:27516 Phone:919-929-3780 Website:natalie
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    Handbuilt Clay Vessels

    My pots are symbolic forms that I entrust to hold my internal experiences. They are hand built, beginning with a sphere of clay. I pinch an opening, elongate the form by using my arm, then place it on a sling or "nest" where I allow it to rest. As it rests there, I continue pinching the pot into a large circular form. I make the walls as thin as possible, and sometimes holes form which I patch as I go. I am fascinated by the shape of the openings. There is a very similar opening in all of the pots, which occurs spontaneously as I create the shapes with my fingers and hands. I experience a kind of intimate "oneness" with the clay as I work in this manner; my pots have a fullness inside bound by the exterior of the clay. My finishing processes include burnishing, bisquing, and pit or raku firing.

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