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    Artist Medium:Painting
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    Studio Name:The Nutt Gallery Street Address:5610 Loblolly Ct City:Durham State:NC Zip Code:27705 Phone:919-937-9552 Website:
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    I've been making abstract art for most of my life, paintings, drawings, collage and mixed media (and abstract compositions on electric bass guitar, but that’s a different story). Recently, I have been creating whimsical paintings with brightly colored tempera and latex, my “Loblolly Memory Pad” series. Technically, I make many thumbnail sketches and then pick out a few, some by my choosing and some by random numbers (to force myself into unknown territory). I draw the selected sketch on canvas and start painting. Gradually a narrative starts to emerge. I follow the story where it leads. 

    At some point, the world broke into particles, for me. I realized that matter was interchangeable. Everything is significant, in that, it is part of everything else. I start with matter and see how it comes together. There might be realistic elements or not. Mostly, my Art is about the glory of life. If we can find it. (More information can be found in my newsletter Nutt Gallery Notes.)

    We moved to North Carolina two years ago to live in a forest with seasons. Being among trees all the time for the first time in my life is getting pretty interesting.

    Randy Nutt, 03/20/2020

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