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    Artist Medium:Mixed Media,Sculpture
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    Studio Name:Mitzie Jokich Street Address:1016 Tallyho Trail City:Chapel Hill State:North Carolina Zip Code:27516 Phone:9199337380 Website:
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    “Repurposed Art from a Repurposed Life”
    My father’s gardens- a riot of color,texture & shapes. My grandmother who would go to expensive dress shops, look at the clothes, come home,create a pattern & make a dress for me. And all the beautiful Eastern Orthodox icons easily imagined when I close my eyes. These are the origins of inspiration for my work.
    Creating art helps me survive & find new ways of getting through a day. Movement is key to my work. My body may have ever changing limitations but my art doesn’t. I have lived with pain for over 40 years. The day after I-graduated from college, I was rear ended by a truck crushing discs in my neck. Dreams of creating monumental sculptures were replaced by multiple spinal fusions. More accidents, more surgeries. Exploring different materials & mediums allows me to continue to still express myself. If my left hand doesn’t work, my right hand can. Adapt & Overcome!
    Mixed media & found object assemblage allow me to continue to tell my stories. Finding bits & pieces that were once important to someone now have a new story to tell. Teaching Spectrum students inspires me to use what I find by seeing  it in a new way.
    I also use all of the arts disciplines to teach my son who has developmental disabilities. The arts provide a bridge to learning where traditional methods don't. I continue to create programs to teach life skills & curricular objectives for Spectrum kids, their support staff, teachers & their families. I’ve taught staff development for NC Autism Society, ARC, TEACH-CH & Orange County Schools & classes for the Carrboro Art Center, ARC summer program Orange County Schools Exceptional Children’s program. Currently I teach private students in my studio. My program is called “Disabilities are Disguised Abilities “.

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