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    Artist Medium:Painting
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    Studio Name:Steevijane's Art Street Address:304 Springvalley Road City:Carrboro State:NC Zip Code:27510 Phone:9199181014 Website:
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    Steevie Parks is an Abstract Artist who has been living in Carrboro, N.C. since 1997.  She has been painting ever since she was a young child, yet stopped creating Art for over 30 years to pursue a full time career as a Clinical Psychologist in private practice.  A number of life events conspired to make her realize that she had willingly given up the most joyful part of her life, causing her to start painting again in her early 50's.

    Steevie studied figure drawing, sculpting and painting at the Arts Student's League of New York, Sarah Lawrence College and Syracuse University in the 1970's before going to graduate school for her Ph.D. in Psychology.  In more recent years she has studied with Jane Filer, Luna Lee Ray and Juan Di Julio at The Arts Center in Carrboro.

    Many of her paintings can be likened to giant Rorschach cards because the forms are abstract and ambiguous. She hopes that people will feel free to project their own wishes, thoughts and dreams into the loosely formed shapes she provides, and in so doing, find  a deeper sense of connection to themselves and the world.  She has always had a strong passion for working with color, and finds the simple act of mixing colors to be extremely relaxing and empowering at the same time.  Steevie has been showing her paintings in and around the triangle since 2013.

    In addition to being a Licensed Psychologist, Steevie is a Certified Creativity Coach who studied with Eric Maisel (the founder of Creativity Coaching).  She helps both Artists and Non-Artist to fulfill their creative potentials, as she strives to do the same for herself.

    Steevie provides Creative Healing Retreats at the Trinity Center in Pine Knoll Shores, N.C. every other year.  Steevie retired from actively practicing Psychology in January of  2019.  To learn more about her Creativity Coaching practice, please see:



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