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    Artist Medium:Painting
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    Studio Name:Cindysfracturedfairytale Street Address:219 S. Hillsborough Ave. City:Hillsborough State:NC Zip Code:27278 Phone:919-619-1054 Website:
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    A lifelong love of drawing led me to become curious about different mediums about 25 years ago.  With no formal training as an artist I began to experiment with watercolors.  My first paintings were florals and I fell in love seeing them come alive on paper.  This encouraged me to further explore with oil paint, and once I felt how it moved on the canvas I never looked back.  I am in awe of the color, malleability and richness of the medium.  My inspiration is derived from the natural world, and my subjects are mostly animals, landscapes, flowers and soft impressions of nature.  I work from photographs and may choose to represent the subject closely or develop an impression of what the photograph represents to me.  I feel that my style is somewhat realistic but through color and stroke of the brush evokes a certain softness of the spirit and enchantment that runs throughout all of nature.  

    Over the last 10 years I have sold my paintings and fine art prints through a variety of shops, galleries, Etsy, and to buyers all over the United States.

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