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    I went to college with the idea of becoming a dentist. But failing organic chemistry… three times…signaled maybe a career in dentistry was not my destiny. Instead, I found myself following my interests in art and being the best hippie I could be and so ended up at Pratt Institute. There I was attracted to the world of advertising. I created a portfolio of ads and was immediately hired at one of the top ad firms in NYC. So began my 35-year, award-winning advertising career. A career not with my hands in people’s mouths, but instead, messing with people’s heads.

    As a retiree, I found lying on the couch, eating Oreos and watching old movies not really working. So boredom forced me to rediscover my love of drawing, something that I have been pursing ever since.

    My work recognizes that we all experience private moments when we find ourselves overcome by our hearts. My work strives to capture the emotional authenticity of these moments.

    As a new artist, I was immediately recognized as an emerging talent and over the years I've been exhibiting a lot in some well-known national shows. But mostly I just love to draw.

    I recently moved from Connecticut to Chapel Hill where I can be found drawing in my studio, playing a lot of tennis and lying on the couch eating Oreos while watching old movies.

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