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    Artist Medium:Clay
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    Studio Name:Cely's House Street Address:110 Buena Vista Way City:Chapel Hill State:North Carolina Zip Code:27514 Phone:919-225-7349
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    Cely Carter Chicurel
    110 Buena Vista Way, Chapel Hill, NC 27514 (919)225-7349
    Artist Statement
    I am a native of Chapel Hill, and part of a very artistic family. As a child I loved animals and spent many wonderful hours exploring the woods, making up stories, and creating imaginary worlds. Along with my interest in nature came a growing love for science fiction and fantasy, mostly encouraged by my dad. But it was my mother who gave me space in our kitchen to be creative and encouraged me to see myself as an artist.
    After High School, I was given a chance to take pottery classes at a local design school and began making animals and creatures out of clay. Eventually I bought my own Cone 6 oxidation kiln, purchased Standard 112 clay and chemicals for mixing glazes, and set up a small pottery shop in my parents basement. Friends and family encouraged me to show my clay creatures at Carolina Friends School and local art fairs and the response was so positive I applied to college as an art major.
    My formal education includes art and design at VCU , UNC, and finally ETU where I majored in pottery and weaving. I also was able to take pottery classes at Penland and Arrowmont. More recently I have taken pottery classes at John C Campbell Folk School. Each formal and informal pottery class I take deepens my love of clay as my primary media of self expression. For more than 30 years I was a production potter and made and sold my hand-built pottery creations, castles, dragons, wizards, and other fantasy creatures.
    In 1999 I entered Duke Divinity seminary where I received a Master of Church Ministry. My degree from Duke adding a new dimension of spiritual reflection to my own life and I welcomed the opportunity to offer pottery centered spiritual retreats. When my husband retired we opened a home based arts afterschooI program. During my years as an artist I have taught classes in my pottery studio and offered a summer arts experience for children.
    My love of nature and the created world is joined with my imagination and desire to create new magical worlds. I also have a passion to pass along that experience to a new generation of artists and nature lovers. Even after all these years I still have a passion for teaching and sharing my love of pottery as a means of self-expression and self-discovery.

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