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    Artist Medium:Mixed Media
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    Studio Name:treehouse gardens City:Hillsborough State:NC Zip Code:27278 Phone:(919) 260-1844
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    Historically, gourds have been used and cherished wherever they could be grown.  There are many different types, shapes and textures of gourds.  Each has unique characteristics derived from its variety and growing environment.   Each is a three-dimensional canvas that accepts many different techniques and materials.  Drawing inspiration from many and various techniques historically used to embellish gourds I try to further emphasize and enhance the natural organic beauty of each of the pieces.  Handmade paper, wool, silk, sea grass, rush and other fibers, including vines and branches from the garden and woods are often incorporated.  Stains, ink, carving, and beads emphasize the colors and textures of the gourd surface.

     Many of my pieces are functional, as bowls, urns and baskets, while others are purely decorative.  Each one is unique.

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