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    Artist Medium:Photography
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    Studio Name:Catharine Carter Street Address:705 Kensington Drive City:Chapel Hill State:NC Zip Code:27514 Phone:(919) 259-1519
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    Catharine Carter
    Artist Statement:
    Growing up I was introduced to fairy tales, fables and myths. My father, who was a performer, could read the old stories with great expression, making them come to life for me. Imagination was celebrated, and make-believe tales were an every night event, complete with costumes and props.
    In my earliest darkroom experiences I used multiple enlargers and negatives, selectively burning and dodging the light coming through the enlarger lens to challenge what was real and what was perceived. Today I use digital darkroom tools to combine and overlay images, working in monotones and adding layers of texture and sometime color to capture the nebulous shadow world of dreams. My images are mostly from places I have visited and my experience of working with people in the photography studio has been a great value in working with models to create my vision.
    My photomontage images, offer the viewer a variety of dream landscapes inhabited by characters caught in the grip of wonder as they journey through an inscrutable world.  I have always been drawn to ancient spaces, castles, sepulchers and catacombs, which I weave together to create my fantasy narrative.
    I am captivated by the artistry of illustrators like Arthur Rackham, and intrigued by drawings from the 17th and 18th century by artists like William Blake. I try to emulate the warm graphic quality of their tonal range. My latest works have the added elements of collage and paint, which allow me to emphasize the story elements and utilize my background as a painter.

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