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    Artist Medium:Mixed Media,Painting,Textile
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    Studio Name:Rose Warner Art Street Address:1006 Camden Lane City:Chapel Hill State:NC Zip Code:27516 Phone:919-619-3031 Website:
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    Rose Warner
    Textiles, Fiber Art, Mixed Medium, Collage,  Woven Paintings
    This work is best described as woven paintings. The juxtaposition of painting and weaving began while  participating in two local study groups. One was a study of abstract painting. The other a study of complex weaving techniques and textile art. Cutting the paintings and then weaving them back together with threads on a weaving loom led to the creation of woven paintings. Blending nontraditional materials blurs the line between fine art and craft while exploring the concept of the seen and unseen. Weaving the paintings lets the threads obscure parts of the painted image while adding unexpected layers of threads to the surface. The completed pieces embrace a unity that hints of concealed motion, which at times is partially hidden, and at other times  accentuated by the interaction of the threads with the painted canvas.
    The deconstruction and reconstruction of layers invites the viewer to find his or her own message in the piece, much like the practice of reading between the lines, to find  meaning in  something that is not readily evident.

    1006 Camden Lane, Chapel Hill, NC (919-932-6010)

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