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    Artist Medium:Book Arts
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    Studio Name:Carol Retsch-Bogart Street Address:100 Cardiff Place City:Chapel Hill State:NC Zip Code:27516 Phone:919-968-8086 Website:
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    The qualities I most value in clay are its aliveness and innate ability to record touch. My clay work is largely influenced by the gestural, irregular style of 16th C. Japan's shino pottery, and by its aesthetic cousin, oribe ware, characterized by asymmetrical forms, unconventional designs, and whimsical charm. I'm drawn to the unfettered spirit, playfulness, and apparent lack of pretense of these historical pieces, qualities I wish to adopt. The idea of 'wabi-sabi,' the Japanese term for describing an appreciation of the ingenuous integrity of natural objects and processes, offers a useful lens for understanding my approach to functional and sculptural clay work.

    Drawn into ceramics soon after graduating from UNC, I devoted several years to undergraduate art studies at SUNY-Albany before completing a Masters of Art with Honors at East Carolina University, with an undergraduate teaching fellowship while there. Moving to the West Coast, I shared an independent clay studio while teaching part-time in various community schools around Berkeley. My art reach expanded with graduate studies in interdisiplinary art at San Francisco State, introducing me to film and video. Returning to NC, intrigued by documentary filmmaking, I completed a Certificate in Documentary Studies in video at Duke. Since then, my deep and abiding affinity for clay has lead me back to the place from which I first began.

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