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Both indoor and outdoor set-up, ADA Accessible. Masking and Social Distancing encouraged.

Art is a visual language that one creates, one you hope resonates with the viewer. To have that experience is often beyond words, just a feeling of comprehension or intrigue… to have the work have an impact is my aim. My paintings elicit a visceral reaction utilizing multiple layers, textures, and paint; leaving the conclusions to the viewer. An organic, imperfect aesthetic resonates with me. I work in the moment, often showing my thought process in the lines and marks I leave visible in the finished piece.
My work extends from the simple thought of not fitting in and builds upon that in different manners using a phrase of thought as the starting inspiration. Themes that I have explored in series included “The Other,” “Hinting at Ambiguity,” and “Fragile Structures.” The titles of the artworks are intentionally ambiguous and encompass aspects of thoughts and observations during the creative process.
I primarily work in acrylic and have used mixed media to assist in creating layers of interest - whether it is just charcoal or adding texture with tissue paper or cheesecloth. I am always exploring, testing what works, and building upon that knowledge.

“If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.”
-Edward Hopper

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ava arts
106 Tharrington Drive
Chapel Hill

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