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    Artist Medium:Photography
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    Studio Name:Eli Melet Street Address:109 Standing Rock Road City:Chapel Hill State:NC Zip Code:27516 Phone:919-338-9558 Website:
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    The focus of Eli’s art is mixed media and acrylic landscapes. Eli appreciates artwork with different textures and effects and strives to instill this in his pieces. With his mixed media paintings, he creates depth by incorporating eggshells. Eli has a keen eye for design incorporating a range of sizes and shapes of eggshells to create a balanced piece. The acrylic colors of his eggshell works have a harmonious blend that is visually appealing.

    Eli’s landscapes paintings focus on the fluidity of water and picturesque terrain that captures the beauty of nature. To create depth with the landscape paintings Eli incorporates a variety of gels and mediums.

    Painting fulfills Eli because it is gratifying, relaxing, and empowering, and there are no boundaries in art. No boundary means that there is no right or wrong to what Eli creates. Eli is influenced by everything he sees, feels and experiences, but particularly by nature.

    Eli is a junior at Chapel Hill High School, North Carolina. The majority of Eli art education takes place in his art studio. While Eli has learned from watching videos, he has grown artistically through practice and experimentation.  In addition to taking art at school and summer classes, Eli has studied privately with several talented artists.

    To view Eli’s artwork, go to

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